Playing Audio CR-r's

Hi all: I’ve been burning audio CD’s fro al long time, and have consistently had a problem with DVD players starting to play audio cd’s but crapping out either mid way, or certainly towards the end of the CD. INterestingly, I never have the problem on a portable Sony Walkman (desinged to play audio, CD-R, CD-RW MP3’s and thier own format), and only rarely have the problem on the Car Cd player. Both DVD players I own always have the problem. I been thinking about buying a standalone audio CD player (but would like it to play MP3 disks as well) and have not found them not in abundent supply. Would I have better results with such a player? Admitadly, I use cheap disks (mostly AT&T, Memorex and HP). These audio CD’s always play well on the CD ROM drives in the computer. Nothing worse than hit or miss. Can it every be consistent?

Thanks for any advise.


Using cheap discs are not going to give you the best burns, that’s your #1 problem there also you should use a Redbook authorized cd burning app not something like Nero and burn no greater than 4x.

-100% playing compatibity (Redbook) CDDA

  1. I don’t think .26 cents EA for Taiyo Yuden are expensive
    These are the CD-Rs pros have used for years, #1 smooth playinging higher quality sound. Memorex are the worst junk there is, it should be aganist the law to sell them!

  2. Use CD Architect to burn, never burn higher than 4x

  3. Hopefully you’re using a good burner, Plextors are reccomended but I will assume you haven’t been a cheap-skate with that too.

For more information on how long data lasts and correct storing methods and why the type of ink and coating used in the CD/DVD Rs matter have a look at

If you follow the steps I provided with a Redbook cert. burner such as Plextors or the old Yamahas etc. your CD-Rs will play on 100% of cd players, even ones that didn’t support CDR format the tricj is how fast it is burned since we know glass masters are cut at 2-4x NEVER at 52X.

Low burning speed has nothing to do with playability, rather many high speed disks will have less errors when burned at high speed. Get some better media as suggested and try burning with Feurio for compatability with marginal players :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I disagree, No glass masters are created at 52x. They never go above 4x, the slower the less errors for Redbook, Yellowbook data1 is different due to the added error correction.

Feurio is not a Redbook authorized app, it’s the same as any consumer level ones that are around. It won’t give 100% playability - if you have a MAC use Toast that’s my fav.

We are talking about a different process here. Not productions of glass masters. As for burning speed this has been discussed and tested here and elsewhere many times and in real world situations available high speed media that you suggest he uses usually burn better at a speed closer to rated speed than at slow speed.
What I am suggesting is that if he burns with good media (TYs)
and burn with Feurio! they will play in his player. I have never had one that would not play in any player regardless of manufacturer. or application. Regardless of what redbook says. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I never had a problem either, just stating a fool-proof method. I am not aware of the high speed tests, if you say so I won’t argue since I haven’t seen them - I guess that’s true, I always burn at 52X and never had a problem just going by what mastering engineers told me based on the discs they burn to be pressed.