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Hi all, i am new here and have a question/query on my new camera. i purchased a panasonic DMC-ZS7/TZ10.[ actually ZS7] Living in australia, i was told that this camera had option of switching between ntsc and pal, which i now find out it can not. I got it from overseas as we all know because of price, and now i think i made a error because of the ntsc format. I have only had it a week and only trialling at the moment. Video works fine, either by plugging in the leads on to my panasonic tv or on to the PC. I also have put the files on a disc and plays fine on the PS3. Now i know being in the AVCHD format it wont play on a normal dvd player, so i converted the files into a divx/mp4 and put them on a disc and they wont play on either of my pioneer dvd players. DV-220KV models. One is a older one that does not upscale and the newer one does the upscaling. Both come up with a movie title, i select menu, see the files there but on selecting them , message comes up Video resolution not recogonised. Is this to do with the ntsc? I am worried now that i have got the wrong camera,Would i have the same issue with a pal version.I am thginking of selling it now to get a pal version. Though i know everything i video will play on my equipment, butv if in have to some videos for others and want top put it on a disc , probably wont play. I have not tried yet the jpeg motion, but think that being in ntsc could be the same outcome. Hoping someone has a answer. thanks


DVD players are limited in the resolutions that they can display and play. Though newer ones can upscale to HD resolutions, the video on the disk has to be SD resolution. For PAL that means a maximum of 720 x 576 resolution.

If you didn’t change the resolution to this figure or smaller when you converted your original video to divx, then the player will not be able to handle it. Also, your player may only recognize files with an .avi or .divx extension rather than the mp4 container. Another problem might be audio. PAL dvd players will recognize and play ac3, mp2, lpcm and DTS audio when playing dvds. Divx video might have something else that they won’t play, but that can vary, player to player.

What program did you use to convert the original video? And is there any reason to convert to divx rather than dvd-video?


thanks for that. Video files are 1280x720 as they were filmed on the lumix in HD . I would of thought that the dvd player that upscales would have played this, so from what you are saying that most dvd players will only play 720 resolution. So i guess thats why ps3 will play it. so does the NTSC cause any of the issues. So how does panasonic expect people to play back the video files, i would think most people would make their video and expect to just put it on a disc and play on a dvd player. So do you think the files i have in AVCHD would play on most blu ray players then?So in a nutshell, do i have to convert the video files to a smaller resolution to be able to play on a dvd player. What about the frames , will this be a issue as the frame rate is different in NTSC and pal. Thanks again for your advise, just dont know what to do with the camera in regards to the NTSC, and i am going to be better off with the pal or would it be the same issue because of resolution.


DVD players are limited to 720 x 480 (NTSC) or 720 x 576 (PAL). Upscaling allows them to take video in these resolutions and output in larger, HD resolutions, but they cannot read the HD resolutions natively. This holds true for all dvd players that I know of. Blu ray players are not limited in this way, which is why your PS3 player can handle the AVCHD video.

Many blu ray players are capable of playing AVCHD, though not all. Blu ray standards have been something of a moving target, and AVCHD came a bit late to the party.

Most PAL dvd players will playback NTSC dvd-video without problems. So you should be able to convert the 30fps AVCHD to NTSC dvd-video and play on your dvd players without issues. You might try a free converter called AVStoDVD for this conversion. This converter can also output in PAL specifications if you want to try that.

If you want to convert to divx instead, the frame rate shouldn’t be an issue, but you will want to use an avi container. Do you know the audio codec used in the original video? Divx or xvid video often times uses mp3 audio, and I don’t know if your players can handle that. They should, but this is something you’d have to try. LPCM audio would be safe, but takes a lot more room.


Kerry56: Many thanks for your replies and lingering on with my issues, much appreciated. Anyway i think i am starting to understand a bit what you are saying, all do with the size etc. Ok, The original audio codec from the lumix was AC3. [ ran the file thru a prog called mediainfo] As to why i wanted DIVX, well just for size , i guess. In thinking about it now i guess if i was doing a video and wanted to pass it on to someone else why not normal dvd, on saying that for small files for myself i just see avi/divx as easier. Now, i had a file i downloaded from you tube and converted to a divx, i checked out the audi codec and it was in mp3 and i just put it on a disc and it played on my pioneer dvd player , no problems, just the video quality wasnt that good. I also forgot to mention in past messages i do have a prog called “convertx to dvd” but i think that only does avi to dvd. So with the prog that i used previously to convert the camera video to a divx[ format factory] you think that it would work but i would have to change the resolution size to 720 for the dvd player to work. So what then is a person suppose to do that goes out and buys these particular cameras that iklm in HD but dont have the appropriate gear to play on, a bit of a trap wouldnt you think. I also have a couple of AVS progs as well to try out. I am not sure what you mean about the frame rate, are you saying the framerate needs to be converted or not converted, just the NTSC has to be in a dvd format, if so i guess the resolutioin still needs to be lowered. I am going to take my original video file to a friends on the weekend and see if it plays on their blu ray player. Thanks again, Kerry.


Going from 720p AVCHD at 30fps and AC3 audio to NTSC dvd-video should be very easy for ConvertXtoDVD or AVStoDVD. Converting to PAL dvd video should also be within their capabilities, but you’ll need to test that for yourself.

Converting to divx…well, that depends on what your player requires for divx playback. You need to find the recommended specifications for your player. At least you’ve found it can use mp3 audio.

Good luck on your project.


Just thought i would let you know i just converted the original video thru AVS , changed to pal so thats what it said, should of run it thru the mediainfo, will do it later, also changed to dvd format. Anyway put it on a disc, and it played thru the pioneer dvd player, also checked it on the PS3 all fine. It looks like it automatically dropped the res to 720. looks ok, not sure, it looked a little jagged, would have to check with original video file, maybe be just me. I did find with the video side of things with this camera you can not move too fast.Well, at least i know it can be done, a bit of messing around but i guess my choice now whether to get a pal version or not. It looks like i will have to convert anyway if i want to keep the higher resolution. thanks for all the advise.


Glad you got something working. Of course your best quality will be the original AVCHD burned as is…and played on a blu ray player or a computer. But if you need to convert in order to play elsewhere, at least you have figured out how to do it.


Been trialling most of this mornng, boy time flies, almost time for work. I have tried a couple of different progs, Avs, and one called pavtube.The pavtube gave me full screen at 720.576 .Using a divx format got the black bars on the sides of the screen as best res i could get was 720x480.
Then went to AVS…in mpeg2/dvd pal…got full screen all ok
but using Avs and trying in avi/divx just can not get anything, keeps coming up video res not supported. Not really worrying about it but just curious. As you said it will all depend on who i am doing it for. Well, gave me practice in trying different things, want to now and see if original will work on someone elses bluray player. Ok, hopefully wont bother you again, well not today at least. Thanks again…take care. Sempei


Hi Kerry, Its me again, sorry to bother you again, but just wondering if you would know if i would be able to do a firmware update on the camera so that perhaps i end up with the firmware of a TZ10 instead of the ZS7, perhaps getting the output in pal. Surely the cameras hardware is all identical only software different. Been looking on net , cant seem to find a simple answer. thanks


I’m afraid you’ve got me out of my depth with that question. I just work with the software and know a little bit about video codecs/encoding. The hardware is all Greek to me. :slight_smile:


ok, thanks anyway. Been playing around with a few different progs for trying to convert. Used a a prog called Pavtube, which had options to change the frame rate which seemed to work ok. I actually havent tried any video where people are talking , so dont know if there would be any voice synch errors. After the conversion i used a prog called ripbot 264 which i use a lot, but for some reason the video came out like it was at 2x speed, and the last couple of sec of the video actually repeated 3 times…hmm! oh well, keep going along , had ita paper , only 2 enquiries so if i dont get any more interest this week, i will just keep it, and carry on with it. Maybe try looking deeper into the firmware. thanks