Playing a rip from hard drive

ok, so i couldn’t think of a better title, but what i essentially want to do is rip a dvd to my hard drive using dvddecrypter, then play the movie from my hard drive using windows media player.

the reason i want to do this is cuz what i really do is edit the rip with dvdremake and i want to test the edited dvd before i potentially waste a recordable dvd.

here are the steps:

  1. rip dvd to hard drive using dvddecryptor
  2. edit the rip with dvdremake
  3. test the “remade” dvd with windows media player
  4. burn to disc

i want to know how to do step 3 >without< making an iso, mounting the iso, then having windows media player play it thinking its a dvd in a dvd drive.

thanks for the help.

Use DVD Shrink instead of DVD Decrypter to backup the movie to the hard drive (output the files in DVD format). Then Windows Media player will be able to play the movie from the VIDEO_TS folder.

Of course you need to have the proper codec installed for it to work. But you wouldn’t be able to play a DVD at all (even a commercial one from a drive) if you didn’t.

thanks for the reply.

i’m not quite sure i understand. when you use dvdshrink to backup the movie to hard drive (outputting the files in dvd format), they are different than the normal dvd structure (as found on the original disc)?

i’m not quite sure thats what i’m looking for. i want to be able to verify that the dvd that i have edited with dvdremake works (all the menus are intact etc).

the output of dvddecrypter is the input for dvdremake. the output for dvdremake needs to be tested by a PC dvd player. if it passes the test, then nero will burn dvdremake’s output to disc.

thanks again.

I understand the confusion. Although DVD Shrink does a great job of ripping menu’s, sound, shrinking etc it is also just as capable of simply ripping the movie as the original to the Hard Drive. A nice little guide on just that can be found here.

If you simply want to de-CSS (decrypt) the whole DVD and leave the files on your hard-drive, then choose “No Compression” throughout on the right hand side by choosing each main element of the DVD structure on the left hand side. Ripping ‘as-is’ allows you to play all of files in a software player like PowerDVD, write them as an .ISO file for mounting in a Virtual DVD-ROM drive (Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120% among others) or for later encoding (using the “Open Files” option, or indeed, another DVD transcoding application like CloneDVD.

You could also use AnyDVD (it has a free trial period) and then simply copy and paste the files from the DVD to the Hard Drive :iagree:

if you have powerdvd, windvd, or pretty much any other dvd playing software installed, you can use those to open the output from dvdremake without having to create an image and mount it.

all you need do is enter the VIDEO_TS folder [or whatever folder you stored your finished dvd files to] and double click on the VIDEO_TS.IFO

The stripped by DvdReMake DVDs I’d view w PowerDVD :

PowerDVD > Select source (Ctrl+O) > Open DVD file on HDD