Playing a game from a virtual CD


I’ve just bought a notebook PC, and I want to be able to play my old games on it, specifically, I’m using SW Ep1 Racer as my test case.

I have a separate DVD player from which to rip the disc, but don’t really want to have to leave that switched on for hours while I’m playing when it’s hardly being used.

I know all about virtual drives etc, so I’ve ripped the CD to an .iso using Nero.

I’ve found a lot of posts saying just mount the iso using [insert ubiquitous software here] and bob’s your uncle.

This is fine in terms of mounting the iso and installing the game, but when I try to play the game it just asks me to insert the CD in the drive.

My question is, how do I make the game recognise my virtual drive as the CD-ROM? Is it something intrinsic to the game that makes it behave like this, or is there a config setting somewhere?

I’ve tried: VCDControl, Gamedrive, virtual clonedrive, magicISO.

Any help would be appreciated, even if you tell me it can’t be done.


If the game only checks for the real CD/DVD at start up, then you could launch the game with the drive on and then turn the drive off once the game starts. Otherwise you’ll need a ‘NO-CD’ crack or some software emulator that might trick the game into thinking the original disc is being used even though it is an ISO of the game. Have you checked CloneCD or Daemon tools out?



I noticed that the CD in the drive has a particular label, and that’s what the game is looking for. All the virtual drives are just called ‘MyDisk’.

After banging my head against the wall for an hour, the solution seems to be to rip it to .nrg and use Daemon to mount it. Then it’s correctly labelled and works a treat.

Thanks for you help.