Playing a friends backup game on my flashed Xbox360

I have a flashed xbox360. It works great with my backups and originals.

I then borrowed a friends game backup but it didnt work on my 360, it just came up saying "To play this game, put it in a xbox 360:. It says it for all his backup games i’ve tried.

His backups all work on his xbox. Why wouldnt they work on mine?

I tried ripping the backup using dvd decrypter (the disc name was XGD2DVD_NTSC), opened the ISO with Dvd Mulleter it says “ISO loading failed: not an xbox iso or offset is wrong”
opened with xbox backup creator: “unable to determine xbox 360 disc type”
opened with abgx 360: “isnt recognized as a xbox 360 ISO or stealth file”

or have i just ripped it wrong

Sorry aerosol123, we can’t help you circumvent any copy protection here at Club Myce.

Thread closed :cop: