Playinf finalised disc's on a PC

Hi I have a LG DR4810.

I had been recording onto a dvd-rw and I finalised the disc expecting to be able to play it on my PC. No joy, it could see the file but wouldn’t play it.

Is there something I should do differently when recording or finalising?

is it a movie?
is it a game/data disc?
is it an audio disc?

I’ve never recorded to a +/-rw but using Nero when you load it you MUST select “don’t start a multisesion disc” and it MUST be recorded in DAO mode

  1. Recorder: ?
  2. Firmware: ?
  3. Media: ?
  4. Burn speed: ?
  5. Player: LG DR4810?
  6. Application: Nero Burning Rom?

Sorry that I didn’t give enough information.

  1. Recorder: The recorder is the LG DR4810
  2. Firmware: how do I find the out with firmwear is my recorder?
  3. Media: Samsung DVD-RW x2
  4. Burn speed: x1 live from tv recording
  5. Player: DVD drive on my PC

I think I may have sussed it, instead of formating the disks as VR I formatted them as Video and these will play on my PC. There is a different problem though, as it is not possible to edit the files on my DVD Recorder. Anyone know any good PC software for this job?

This is an LG forum, but your topic looks more about standalone hardware and video editing software.

This forum is more oriented towards PC DVD recording hardware. Isn’t LG DR4810 a standalone DVD recorder? Using a standalone DVD recorder is a lot different from using a PC DVD recorder.

Finding out what firmware a PC DVD drive is using is easier. Just running almost any popular burning or testing software can provide the information. The DR4810 package should have a bundled manual and it should also include the information for finding out and updating the firmware in DR4810.

I don’t think Samsung DVD-RW media are good enough for your great DVD recorder. :slight_smile:

you’re right it is a stand alone player/recorder and yes it is a question about that. But I have a pc-dvd burner as well and I want to get the stuff from the stand alone onto disks via the pc-dvd burner.

The samsung disks seem to work ok actually, and now that I have recorded in the correct mode I can get the pd-dvd burner to deal with the disks from the stand alone. Using Nero Vision Express I have some editing capabilities but these are limited and Nero seems unstable. Are there better packages for editing that do not cost fortunes?

Nero Vision Express is just a basic tool to compliment Nero Burning Rom. You’ll get a lot better answers from the forums related to video editing.

Thanks for the guidance :slight_smile: