Players won't play copied moviews as of March 2004

I am buying a DVD player for my wife’s car and have been told by both Alpine and Kenwood that their players, while recognizing DVD-Rs, will not play copied movies do to some legislation. From both I have heard that this “new” protection was to be implemented by March 2004.

What is this protection?

I don’t think so and here is why. The original copy protection for DVD’s is long broken. If they create a new form of CP that means that all the old commercial DVD’s floating around will be unplayable in these new players. You will not be able to play the DVD’s you made of your kids birthday, your wedding, those videos you and your wife made =]

Do you think anyone is going to buy that hardware? Everyone remember those DIVX players? not the DIVX codec but the players that connected to your phone line to authorize use of the movies you wanted to watch. I think this new hardware with added protection will go the way of the DIVX player.

This is also just like the IPOD, only playing tracks you buy from itunes. How many other portable media players are out there that plays ever format you can think of. TONS, hell my smartphone plays open mp3’s.

You may want to look in to other brands to put in your wifes car.


I suppose they could be implementing watermark protection which would make it backward compatible, but I haven’t read anything that would indicate that.

I think we would have heard of this ‘legislation’ by now. My guess is these companies may have just chose to have the players not play DVD-r’s. Could be a similar copy protection that CloneCD can protect against with CD-R’s. Or this moron at the store had a DVD that didn’t play (bad burn) and made up some stupid story… I see morons making stuff up all the time because they did not do something right.

I would take a DVD-+R to the store and stick it in, if they have a demo model.

My new Cyberhome home DVD player plays all discs, and the sticker says manufactured in March 2004.

Follow up…

Player was advertised as being able to play DVD-R, but stated that it wouldn’t play copied movies. I couldn’t get it to recognize any DVD-R regardless of content.

Bitset DVD+R to DVD-ROM and it played without a hitch regardless of content.

NEC-1300A v1.08
Instant Copy 8
Roxio 6

Then it is not able to see DVD-R, no special copy protection. STay away from that model.

personally, I agree with DVDCake, nobody wants to buy a drive that doesnt play movies. While there is alot of tension out there,the manufacturers want to sell drives,period. There are plenty that play +/- burned. You seem to have one that plays only +…so be it. My opinion, this is a salesman talking “sh*t” or the lamest excuse for copy protection I ever heard…:slight_smile:

Amen Zig!

The DVD-+r industry is huge. For every $100 that is spent on a DVD-+R drive more than $400 is spent on blanks. I’m sure media producers are bending arms of player manuf’s to keep the compatablilty. The manuf’s are focusing on the pirates and not joe schmo who wants to see his kids soccer game or b-day party.

Now we need to see who bends harder, the media producers or the RIAA and the MPAA.

I am absolutely new at DVD copying, tried today, used DVD Shrink, I was able to copy a DVD+R no problems, when I tried to copy onto a DVD-R received an error, was asked to change my settings, how do I do that? Can I use DVD Shrink to copy dvd’s on DVD-R? Be patient with me. Also could someone explain to me the difference between +/- DVD-R? Thanks. Hpefully placed this in the righ forum.

Right then,well, the techie stuff is basically “as I undestand it” more a matter of error recovery more than anything. If you use the search button, and really want to get into it…there are tons of threads here as well as other places regarding this subject.

What’s important in practical life however…is what plays best on your hardware…that is where I’d start poking… :iagree: