Player won't recognize DVD+RW



Sorry for my newb ignorance,

My DVD player (and various other models) can’t seem to recognize any DVD+RW which I’ve recorded, but doesn’t seem to have problems with DVD+R that I’ve burned. My needs are only burning .avi files onto DVD+RW, watching it and later erasing it. My questions are:

Do I need to format DVD+RWs?
Am I overlooking something?
Is there an easier way to meet my needs?

DVD player: Mx Onda MX-DVD841
Burner: Philips DVDR160P
Software: Nero, Nero Vision Express 3
discs: Emtec DVD+RW

(I have already taken regional codes into consideration)


How much was your DVD player? If its a cheap one then I most likly only play DVD-/+Rs. Also are you finalizing the RW and are you wrting them in muitsession?



seems to me that they are being finalized, but you’ll have to explain if it is a completely different step than what is automatically done by Nero Vis. Expr. 3.

What exactly do you mean by muitsession?

You may be right, I am beginning to suspect that the standalone just doesn’t support DVD+RW.


Go here and see your players spex.That thing probably doesn’t like +RW media.

Multisession is adding more data to the disc later.There’s a check box at the window where you click “burn”(below the write speed).


thx :slight_smile:


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That player doesn’t seem to suport very much although there are only 8 people reporting.�comments


Are you using brand name DVD+RW? I don’t have any problem with RICOHJPN W11 4X media. You can pick up two of these Sony labeled disc for about $5 at Target. If the drive can read DVD+Rs, then it should be able to read DVD+RWs. Never heard of EMTEC brand.


with the cheapness of -R/+R do you really need to use RW media?


Well, it seems that my DVD player won’t recognize DVD RW technology cuz its crap, and I am temporarily living in Europe, so I don’t want to invest in a new one, nor do I want to buy a large quantity of DVD-Rs (or store them) to fufill my movie needs. Here, there aren’t many videoclubs with a good selection of ‘back-issue’/old films,…so I suppose that is the reason I want to have RW technology for my DVD.

But as it seems now, the SVCD aspect ratio (see latest post) is creating the latest problem. :frowning:


try bitsetting to dvd-rom


can you elaborate spryfry?


i am fairly sure you can use the benq booktype mgt tool for info on bitseting see the pc faq in my sig.

edit: you may have to flash to a benq firmware to use it…