Player won't play discs

Hey, A bit of a problem. I backed some dvd’s up onto some Verbatim DVD+R 8X discs, And they play fine on my PC, but on my standalone Player, They freeze after a while. What could be the problem, and is there any way to fix it. Thanks.


Try on a different stand alone (or several)-

Some standalones do not like +R medias - and if so - see if your burner can go through a firmware flash to allow book type setting from +R to ROM


The standalone Player played my Traxdata 8X DVD+R’s fine.

Will I have to buy new discs? Which brand is the best? My DVD Burner only writes to DVD+R

I have used ritek go4 die disc’s with no probs at all

You might find your answer in here

Burn at 4X or try Made in Japan 8X DVD+R from Fuji.

I’ve ordered 50 ritek discs, 25 datasafe ones, and 25 bulqpax ones. All dvd+r and 8X

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Save yourself a lot of grief, and spend the couple of extra bucks for tyg01, tyg02, or ritek branded media. Also verbatim 16x is good media. Look at the forums for your particular burner, and see what media other people are having good success with. I only use premium grade media, and I very seldom have any problems at all, even when I burn 8x media at 16x. You might save $5.00 by buying cheap media, but by the time you count all of the coasters and mediocre burns, you actually lose money with the cheap crap.

I have a Liteon DVD+R/+RW Burner. My standalone DVD Player is one bought from germany, A Denver.

Which disc’s do u you recommend I get from that site? (

Sorry, Forgot to mention that my DVD Burner writes at 16X. But it says on the box that it writes to DVD+R DL at 2.4X. What does this mean?

I’d go with DV 3148, DVD+R Taiyo Yuden media. Those TYs cost an arm and a leg in the UK. We usually pay $20 for a 50 pack in the US ($40 if not on sale).

Fucking hell, 60 quid. Any better alternative? I’m thinking the ritek discs are good, and ive used them before, and they work fine