Player with RAM and DivX support

I am in the market for a new player.

  • NO Hideff. (why pay for it when my TV don’t have it)
  • DVD-RAM support
  • DivX support

Originally I was only searching for RAM support, and was almost set on the Panasonic S29 (good user reviews on most online stores). But now I am thinking if I can pay a bit more and get DivX support, then why not!

I have yet to find any player with RAM and DivX, so any help is appreciated!

And if I end up with the Panasonic S29, you think it’s good?

Panasonic S49 has divx and ram.

It doesn’t seem to be available here in the US :frowning:

Is this a new release???

The Samsung DVD-HR720 (or was it the DVD-HR725?) supports DVD Ram and DivX playback. The only downside here is that the player only supports ‘-’ media (DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-R, etc.). I have yet to find a player that does it all. DVD Ram wasn’t an issue for me and so I just got the LG RH7800 and am very happy with it. Good luck!