Player refusing updates

I’ve had the above Blu-Ray player for about a year now and the problem is that it refuses to recognise and instal the latest updates from Samsung via pen drive and usb, or cd, even the one as recent as a few months ago. Why is this? Can anybody please help? I follow the instructions to the letter. My player is region 2. Can the fact that i use a pen drive have anything to do with it? Thanks a lot for all your help even with my past problems.

Could you at least tell us what kinda of player you have? That would help those wanting to help to know what to tell you or ask you to look for to find out what is going on.

It is a Samsung BD-P1500 coolcolors. The model type shows up in the MyCE forum styles, but not in the earlier ones.

This is the type of problem that should be reported to the manufacturer though. I’m not sure we will be of much use.