Player for PAL disc on NTSC TV

What make and model of a DVD player do you know of that plays a PAL dvd on an NTSC TV? Please let me know from real world experience (ie. you own the drive and watch PAL movies on your NTSC tv).

The reason I say that is because I have bought (and returned) several DVD players already that say PAL/NTSC compatable or something along those lines, and they are not.

Well this should be moved into the standalone hardware forum.

But, it also depends on your TV. My tv (PAL but is NTSC compatible) can play DVDs from overseas, and our DVD player (a JVC) can play NTSC. So it depends on the TV as well.

have you tryed changing the display settings in the menu on my brothers dvd player it was set to auto so when he put in a us dvd it would switch to ntsc and give a black and white picture so i set it to pal and switched to colour

My TV can only take a NTSC signal, which means the DVD player would have to take the PAL DVD and output an NTSC signal. I had a player that did that, and I broke it.

Looking for a name brand one that does that.

my mum and brother have lowend models and have had no problems bro has dansai my mum technica and me a scott not made any more went out of business so much for their two year warranty may be you just had a bad player