Player firmware

Anybody know where I can find Philips DVD player firmware. Mine is DVD931 which selling point is firmware upgradable (printed on the box and menual). But Philips never has a link or anything on where I can find new firmware. In particular, I am hoping that the new firmware can make the player recognise various DVD formats, which became popular after the player manufactured. Currently, it can only play DVD-R, and sometimes DVD+RW, but never DVD-RW or DVD+R.

I only could find info about a DVD930:

These any good?..

Thanks for the reply. One more thing. How do I know if these firmware is region free or not? currently, my DVD931 is region free. Is there a way to backup the current firmware?

Even if it isn’t, you can soon make it so…

Thanks for the replies. I finally have time to pick up the subject again. I’ve checked my Philips DVD931. It has this line at the bottom: Philips '99-'00 7.22 010223 P9 3.26.7

I don’t know which figure is the version no., 7.22 or 3.26.7? The firmware site has v7.12 firmware for DVD931. I don’t know whether it is an earlier or later than mine. I don’t know any method to backup my current firmware. So it is risky to try. Please help.

I reason I look for firmware upgrade is that the DVD931 seems having difficult recognizing DVD+RW (sometimes ok sometimes not but seems getting worse), DVD+R and DVD-RW (never ok). DVD-R so far so good. DVD Video always good. I think it may due to the fact that the player is older than these DVD standards. I hope a new firmware can help out on this.

Some very useful information here, it seems…