Player does not recognize dvd's



I have a hp compaq presario cq62-cd/dvdw ts-l633n it wil play cd’s but does not recognize a dvd it keeps telling to insert a disc I have tried the microsoft fix its and hp assistant but nothing helps.i uninstalled the driver deleted the upper filters uninstalled all other dvd programs and have looked at almost every forum i could find :confused::confused: if anyone could help i would really appreciate it thank you in advance :doh:


Hi Debilee, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It’s blank discs that the drive doesn’t recognise, right? It’s OK with reading burned or pressed ones?

If so, you’ve tried different brands? And different burning software?

Do you have any virtual drive/emulation software installed, such as Alcohol, Daemon Tools or the like?


no it doesn’t recognize any dvd blank or otherwise. the hp assistant tells me the format is unsupported and that my cd is a blank disc, but it plays fine this is quite confusing to me i deleted the upper filters but had no lower filters i do not have any emulation software also i checked the bios for the boot order it reads cd-rom and i am supposed to have cd/dvdw ts-l633n i have also uninstalled the driver so i will check the dma and see thanks for responding i appreciate it


Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

You say it doesn’t recognise any type of DVD, then go on to say “the hp assistant tells me the format is unsupported and that my cd is a blank disc, but it plays fine…” - does this mean that it reads CDs fine, and it’s just recognising DVD media that’s the issue? Just trying to clarify things a bit. :slight_smile:

Since you’ve checked the boot sequence, and it’s all correct, can you try and boot from your OS disc?


One other test .
Will your drive recognize a commercial pressed movie DVD ?


Trying to boot from a bootable Cd and DVD will clear up some questions.


thank so much for helping me dvd and cds are playing fine now just checking on the writing function thanks again Debi


Good to hear! Let us know how you get on :slight_smile:


Fire up imgburn, which is free, and check -maybe in test mode- if you can burn to cd and dvd.

But be aware that those slimtype drives are picky especially with cheap DVD media!!