PlayBackUp and PatchImage



Hello, I'm mostly new at this stuff and am trying to create a backup CD.

Anyways, I dled Playbackup to use and there is susposed to be a patchimage thingy to "fix" CloneCD images. Where is it? I can't find it anywhere after dling.



Were can I find PlayBackUp and PatchImage?


Why use it? These programs are not nearly as good as CloneCD’s AWS function… And besides, with PlayBackup you need to install an extra driver to play the games and I doubt it works for the latest SafeDisc 2 versions. If AWS doesn’t work for you you’d be better off with BetaBlocker.


Playbackup has been blacklisted by SD2 for a while now.
If the guard module finds playback.vxd in yous system directory, the game won’t launch.
If AWS or Betablocker don’t work for you (it’s the case with my old Plex 8/4/32) you can use Insektors (available on the blindwrite site), it uses the same mechanism as Playbackup (resident driver) but is not blacklisted yet.


Alright, thanks.

I dón’t have PlayBackUp and PatchImage, so my first thoughts were: got to get it.

But after reading this I know I don’t need it.