Playback too fast/wrong speed in archos av400

I loaded AnyDVD, then CloneDVD mobile. I followed the instructions and selected the speed then copied the DVD to my harddrive. I used drap & drop to put the movie on Archos AV400 harddrive.

When I play the movie on my Archos it is goes in double time (2x). I went back to the CloneDVD to try it again, adjusting the speed in preview mode. I noticed I could never get the movie to play in normal speed in the preview window of CloneDVD mobile.

What am i doing wrong? :sad: I’ve read this forum for hours and have not found the answer yet.

Help me please!!!
Forgive me if it has already been posted. :bow:


Is the movie also double speed in other playback devices?

when i try to play it in nero or Windows media player only the sound plays. i believe i am missing a codec. the sound plays at normal speed.

[B]UPDATE[/B] !!!

now that i have installed a codec package it plays at the correct speed with video and audio in the other players.

could the lack of the proper codec been the reason why it did not clone properly to my archos? i was using the evaluation version and now my days are expired. i don’t want to purchase the software unless i know that it will work accurately.

please advise… :iagree:

Have you looked to see whether there is an updated firmware for the Archos? That’s the only way you’ll get an improved codec for that device.

Otherwise the AV400 has known issues with some types of DivX/XviD encoding. You could try FairUse Wizard, which I use to re-encode DVDs for playback on an AV700. It’s freeware for output filesizes up to 700MB, otherwise not much $/£/EUR to have the full functionality.

i downloaded the new firmware and [B]it worked!!! you’re my SUPAhero!!![/B] :smiley:


Glad it worked… :slight_smile: