Playback speed problem

My htpc has started acting funny. Many (maybe all) video files play just slightly in fast motion. Its fine to watch but the voices/sounds is a little too high pitch (and if you really look at it for a while, you can tell the video is going a hint too fast). Audio stays in sink with video though. With a few, video suddenly goes high speed but audio is normal (very out of sink), but only with some files. All these files played fine on this computer before. I have reloaded some files with backups and same thing. I was thinking corrupt software or hardware problem. I use nero showtime/home so I could reinstall that. Anyone else got any ideas?

Fyi, were not talking a few files, were talking about a terabyte worth of files. All played fine before. Obviously I haven’t tested them all but hundreds of files have been tested/played (most play well enough to be enjoyable). I’m a tv junkie so I’m playing captured tv shows/ripped movies all the time.


maybe some bad codecs? I don’t like all these codec packs that are messing up the direct show filters.
You might try VLC, as this uses internal decoders, that could help sorting out hardware problems.


I was kind of wondering that too. Unfortunatlly, I’m not that versed with codec’s. I can basically use gspot to see what I need, google it and install it, but I have no idea how to uninstall/reinstall them. I don’t think that I have installed any new ones that cause the problem, but would be good wiping them all out and starting over if I knew how. Fyi I could google it, but again, I just don’t know enough about how they work (install/work together or conflict wise) to understand a fix (I thing). Also, I haven’t added any codec lately, so I figured it wasn’t the most likely cause. All files played fine with current codec before. as far as them being corrupt or something, thats where I get lost (can I test to see if they are corupt or just reinstall).

I just ran across something new (cause I use my htpc all the time). I tried to play some startrek (original) episodes, and audio was fine, video was hyper speed (running way fast out of sync). I rebooted, now they play fine. Thats both from hard drive and dvd (as avi data) in both cases. Its an athlon 64 3000, abit board, ram (?kingston, corsair, cannot remember), 6 hard drive, 1 optical (hitachis/seagates plex/benq), and the weak part (dont laugh), a pci (not pci express) 9250 ati vid card).