Playback speed issue

Okay, so I have made 3 movies with DVDFAb, but when I do so they seem to playback slightly faster than the original. It is not noticeable in the film, but the audio is all a key higher (especially for the audio) this really gets annoying about 15 minutes into any movie. And it isn’t an audio only problem I don’t imagine because it is in sync. Just sounds a little between normal and “chipmunks”

-All 3 were burned with the speed setting “recommended”

-Two were DVD9-DVD5 one was DVD5 both ways. (though I got rid of other language audio to bring the movie to 100% quality on all)

-All burned with the VSO engine

-Packet Write type

Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi Tonedef,
it’s not clear for me, if you have this problem on booth PC & standalone DVD player or only on your PC. (If only a PC problem, it maybe your soundriver). BTW: I would use SAO writing mode.
I never hear about out of sync in dvd-files. You also don’t report your region and nothing about movie titles you did try…