Playback skipping home-burns on Sony DVP-NS55P

I’m having problems playing my home-burned DVDs on my Sony DVP-NS55P. It plays fine for awhile (usually over an hour) then starts skipping. The DVDs play fine on my computer and my JVC XV-N40 player. The Sony is fairly new, so I find it hard to believe it needs cleaning yet, but it I suppose that could be the problem. I’m going to get a cleaner and try it.

I’m using quality Taiyo Yuden 8x blanks, my Samsung DVD burner has the current TS12 driver, I burn at low speeds (1 or 2x), and I halt virus scanning and background tasks before burning with the command Rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks. So, I think my burns are fine (I think), I’m just getting playback skipping on the Sony, which is rated a quality player. If the cleaning doesn’t work, I’m thinking of giving up on the Sony and getting another JVC which I’ve always had excellent results. Any thoughts on my burning techniques or the playing problem? Thanks for any help.

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Most of times, playback problems are due to a bad burned media. Are you sure that you are not using some fake TY media?

Another thing is that burning too slow a disc can give bad results. Have you tried to burn these discs @8x or @4x?

I bought the media at
I thought they were reputable. According to their web site
the top label for my DVD01X0165 100 pack is authentic.

Funny you should ask about the burning speed being too slow. I’ve been trying to find out the optimal burning speed, but all I could find was people saying to go slow for better burns. No, I haven’t tried burning at 4x or 8x, but I will now.

Still not sure why the Sony won’t play them and the JVC will.

Thanks for the great advice.

Quality media like TY should give excellent burns at it’s rated speed , 8x in this case.

Burning so slow can never be recommended and is the likely cause of your problems and also different brands of player have totally different characteristics when it comes to playing DVDs.

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Different standalones have also different playback capabilities.

The myth the slower = the better is not more valid with high speed certified media. However, there is always a great variability. The only way to find the optima burning speed, too bad, is to do some tests by yourself.

If you have a drive able to do quality test like a liteon or a benq or a plextor, you can compare your discs burned at different speed and determine what speed give the best results with your batch of media.

Thanks to both of you for the great information. I have a Samsung burner, so I don’t have the drive to do a test but I can easily sacrifice a few DVD to test different burning speeds.

Would lens cleaning help the Sony at playing at all?

Last question if you don’t mind… do you have a recommendation on the best player for reading home burns? I’ve had good luck with JVC, but you will have better insight. Also thinking that if I buy a new player, I might consider one that can also write like the Toshiba D-RW2 (they’ve come way down in price) to save from my DVR. Thanks again for your help…

Some of the Samsung burners do actually scan OK but you need to edit the registry so that CD Speed will then scan.
That’ll be at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ahead\Nero Toolkit\CD Speed\CD Quality and then from Blocked remove “SAMSUNG,TSST,”.

Also a Transfer Rate Test on a burned disc is quite meaningful.