Playback question

I’m using anydvd (version and clone dvd (version and get playback errors on my older sony DVP-S300 (read error C 13:00) however with my cheep $30 APEX AD-1225 and my Cyberhome personal dvd palyer with sceen it works fine. Burning using an external Lite-on DVD RW LDW 851S with Memorex 4X DVD+R any suggestions on how to get it to playback on the Sony, like another type of media? I’ve never had playback problems with the SONY and it plays DVD Copy x-press backups fine.

When burning DVD+ with your Liteon, did you try changing the booktype to DVD-Rom?
Makes it far more compatible in stand alone players.

no I did not, I will try that, thanks.


Just in case you want to download the bit setting tool from Liteon and want some additional information posted on this forum.

Download The Bit Setting Tool For Liteons(don’t install language when asked- hit cancel)

Read This Thread

Thanks bud that’s very helpfull, I appreciate it!

My pleasure. I have a Liteon 812S and have hundreds of burned DVD’s.
By changing the booktype I have loaned some of them to numerous friends to view, all having different desk top units. Not one ever said they had a problem with my burned DVD’s. Keep in mind bit setting to DVD-Rom can only be done to DVD+ media, it does not work for DVD-.

That’s great thanks! Have you ever encountered any playback freezing with clone? I switched from dvd xcopy express due to too many freezes and skips. If you don’t mind me asking what type (brand) of media do you find works well and what speed do you burn at? I’m going by what I used for xcopy so far which is the slower the better (burn speed). However I did a backup of “I, Robot” and noticed the last 2 min had a freezing problem. Sorry for all of the questions once again, I’ve been looking through a lot of posts and threads here and found them very helpfull and have read the freezing and skipping thread also. I’m assuming it’s my burn speed and media that is the problem. Would changing the booktype have any effect on this?

Don’t worry about asking questions, if you don’t ask you’ll never learn.

No, changing the booktype will not have any affect on the skipping, that’s a different issue. I only use quality media, primarily Taiyo Yuden. This media is not sold in your local box stores. You can buy it from a reputable online store,
Sometimes you can find it at Best Buy under the Fuji label, but you must make sure the packaging says made in Japan, the stuff Fuji sells made in Taiwan is not Taiyo Yuden. Do a search on this forum for Taiyo Yuden and you can see what others think about the media.

Although my burner is older and only capable of 8x, and the media I use is 8x, I always burn at 4x. Takes about 14 min to burn at 4X and between 9 & 10 at 8x. The extra 5 minutes doesn’t bother me cause with this method I never burn coasters. The Taiyo Yuden media may be a bit more expensive, but it’s the best, and having no coasters, the cost difference is not that great from the crap media out there with coasters.

You said " However I did a backup of “I, Robot” and noticed the last 2 min had a freezing problem."
This usually happens with poor media.
I burned I,Robot with CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD with the Taiyo Media at 4x, and it is perfect.

If I may suggest you pick up a 3 pack of DVD R\W media and burn a movie to it using various speeds, do not exceed the speed of the media. You can erase the disk and use it over and over again, much cheaper way of experimenting. Be sure your stand alone player has the capability to play DVD R\W, many do not have the capability.
Otherwise you can play in back on your computer.

I see you read the skipping thread from Alex, some good information he provided there.
As he said don’t set the burning speed to maximum, but rather the highest speed your media is capable of. Experiment and burn only at lower speeds, if all come out well go to a higher speed, if you begin to have errors stay with the lower speed.

There may be some that disagree with my burning at lower speeds, but it works for me and I stick with it, I’m not wealthy enough to throw out money on coasters.
Hope this has helped you in some way.

It helps a lot and thanks again, I’ll try all that you suggested and let you know how it comes out. Oddly I was using Memorex for a lot of burns with my last program, the last two batches I purchased, I had 3 unusable ones in one bundle, that my dvd rw would not even realize were blank (kept asking for a blank media) just to make sure I had a friend with a notebook to try to burn something on it and it would not work. I found this odd, perhaps they changed something…thanks again bud.

“I had 3 unusable ones in one bundle”
That sounds extremely low, I hope your burner isn’t at fault here.
Best way of checking is using quality media to rule that possibility out.

“I was using Memorex”
Memorex are the whores of the media world, lots of exposure, but unpredictable media. They buy from many manufacturers so you never know what your getting.

Do your self a favor, download from the free version of their software.
Put a new DVD into your burner and open the program. Click on the media tab on the far left and it will tell you all about the DVD, manufacturer, burning capabilities, etc.
I have the full version and it has the book setting utility for Liteons (and others) in it, I don’t know if the free version has this.

Then go to the media threads on this forum and do some reading, you will learn what is good media and what to avoid. I do have some media that is branded Richoh JPNR01(4X) and JPNR02 (8X) that the Liteon likes, most of them are Sony’s, but there is no guarantee you will be getting that every time you buy a Sony. The Richoh dye is used by several manufacturers. DVDInfoPro will let you know exactly what you bought.