"Playback prohibited by area limitations" WTF does that mean?

uhg…i’m trying to burn DVDs from VIDEO_TS files…doing all the right things i’m sure…but everytime I got play it in my Sony 5 disc/dvd/cd unit…it get this error message “Playback prohibited by area limiations.”

what does this mean? i have like 5 dvd costers laying around here…becuase I was trying to get my dvd player to read them…but no luck.


it means your copy either:

  1. Has not been REGION-FREE’d and you player is of a different region code than your copy
  2. The original DVD had RCE and if you have a multi-region player, this will show up because it detects that the player is not properly enforcing region codes.

If you use DVD Decypter first to rip then burn it, it will remove most protections.

what it the files have already been ripped? Is there something I can use?

Also noticed people having the same problems w/ PAL vs. NTSC.

If you have a NTSC based dvd player and your rip/burn is based off of PAL…alot of people would recieve the same error message.

perhaps I could try and convert my PAL rip to NTSC?

is there such a software converter?

thanks for the tips!

Get Ifoedit. Open the video_ts.ifo & the vmgm_mat link/tab or whatever it’s called.
You’ll then see the region code mask. If you change this to 192 it’ll be region free. Then save & overwrite the existing file.

hrm…after opening the video_ts.ifo file…and then going to the vmgm_mat link i see no “region code mask” hrm…?? what am i doing wrong here.

ahh nm.

found it :stuck_out_tongue:

well thanks for the help. But that didn’t help. Perhaps its not the region but more the PAL vs. NTSC issue.

I’m thinking I have a bunch of PAL rips and this is why I can’t read them on my NTSC dvd player.

Is there a converter? I heard WinAVI does it.

BaH!..okay so finaly decided to get off my ass and look at the manual for my dvd player…

the error has to do w/ region and PAL vs NTSC…so its a mix of both…

i need to do some research here…