Playback problems with dvds created on dmr-es30vs

hey guys i have a dvd here that i created from a panasonic dmr-es30vs, it is of some home video taken from a camcorder, i can play it fine on the dmr-es30v, but when i try and play it on another dvd player including to other pcs the dvd can not even be found, it appears to be burned buy looking at it (sony dvd-r) i have now tryed two dvds with no sucess… i would like to view it on my pc… is it format or disk related … please help help… it is vacation movies

I don’t have that model but other Panasonic models require you to finalise the DVD-R before it can be read in other machines.

That´s right, I must finalize DVD-R and DVD-RW with my JVC, before I can use in Players and PC-drives

A relative has created a dvd with this devic and asked me to dupe him some copies.

As people have stated in this thread my pc does not see any files on his disk.

The suggestions on this thread point to “finalizing” the dvd.

I know when I make a dvd there is a phase of finalizing but how can I finalize HIS disk.

Do I need to give it back to him and have HIM finalize it on his Panasonic dmr-es or is there some way I can use Nero to finalize it for him on my pc?

I thank you in advance.