Playback problems with "Click"

I backup my copy of “Click” last night, and now when I try to play it the movie skips around. It starts out at the end, and then jumps to the middle. Is this normal?
I used Ripit4me along with DVD Shrink and burned it using IMGBurn.


It’s absolutley [U]not[/U] normal. What media are you using?

If you don’t have a utility, here is one you can use.

What do you mean by media?
what is a utility program for? I have back up many DVDs and this is the first one I have ever ran into any problems. I also did monster house and did not have any problems with it.
Please help if you can, I am somewhat new, and learning as I go.

Media is the blank disc you are using and every DVD has an identification code. Some media have excellent reputations (e.g. Verbatim) and others do not. Still, some are hit and miss. If those work, you are lucky.

The utility will give you information about the media you have and information about the quality of your drive and the quality of a burn.

the media I am using is HP dvd+r
These are the DVDs I have always used without any problems.