Playback Problems of Ripped DVDs

A friend of mine ripped several dvds. I am not sure what program he used. The problem is that the video will freeze while the audio continues. After several seconds, the video speeds up and actually catches up with the audio. It can happen several times over a movie to just a couple and some had no problems at all.

But my question…and I hope this is the right forum, is there a way to fix this with any software to correct the issue with the video? All the frames seem to be there, they just stop and then seems to fast forward, for lack of a better term, until they are in sync again.

Any ideas of suggestions other than re-ripping them? We are talking about a hundred or more movies.

Thanks in advance!!

And you’d prefer [I]trying /Ito sync up hundred+ movies rather than re-rip?..Good luck!
If I were you, I’d re-rip with a reliable proggie…Try the very good DVDFab…
Could also be the media used, burn speed, player/media incompatibility etc etc…But it’s hard to try and guess since you’ve provided no details…

He may want to re-rip them all. I, however, would rather just re-sync the few of the titles I have. No easy access for me to the dvds. But if I can stop the stutter of the video and match it back up with the audio on the few titles I do want, I’d like to do that. Any suggestions on software?

Ripped to avi or similar?

Then try VirtualDub to fix the issues.

[I]If[/I] the OP has AVI’s then I’d recommend Avidemux or AviMux-GUI to try and sync up.
My bet is, s/he does not have them in avi… Betting, according to thread title that is…:wink:

I would try to rip a copy from the stuttering disc to the hard drive & see if it plays OK.
If it does just burn that to a good quality disc.