Playback problems HELP!

Hi Im new to this forum and am a bit of a newbie cos im not totally computer literate. :o My problem is when ive converted and burnt my dvds they play for the first hour say then start to pixelate and freeze. I usually convert in Win Avi then burn with Nero 7 my friend does hers the same and hers work fine. we also use the same discs as she gets them for me lol. Ive tried burning at all speeds but still have the problem, sorry if ive gone on a bit :o but can some one please help me? Thanks in advance… :flower:

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Most of times this problem is due to a bad burned disc.

What discs did you use? Can you post brand and mediacode? The brand is printed on the box, and the mediacode can be found with cd-dvd speed in the “disc info” tab :slight_smile:

What burner do you have? At what speed have you burned these discs?

The discs ive used are TDK and DataOn and they are DVD+R 4.38gb inkjet printable discs. I dont know what a mediacode is sorry! My burner is a HP 300n and I have burned them on 2.4x, 4x and 6x Told you I wasnt computer literate He!he!

hmm I think that the problem is the low quality discs you are using. Try to get some verbatim discs.

I can’t find your burner model, so I don’t know about its features. Is it a 16x burner?

It will help a lot to get the media code of the dvd’s, and also, if you are using 8x media, you should not burn them at speeds any lower than 6x, and for 16x media, you should try to burn them between 12x and 16x speed. Most of todays burners and media work best at or near their rated speed. Most of us here burn the important stuff at just below the rated speed.

As far as I can tell its a 4x burner thats what it says on the front of the PC its a Compaq Presario. Is that the problem, the burner speed??

The main problem is that you are using low quality discs. The burner speed can be a problem because currently it’s not easy to find low speed certified discs. In these days there are mainly 16x discs, and almost certainly your burner don’t have a firmware able to burn high speed certified discs.

The best solution, other than buy better discs like Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden, is to buy also a new burner, or at least try to find better quality discs certified for a lower speed, not more than 8x.

Ok great. Thank you very much for your help think I might buy a new burner.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Remember, however, that a burner can’t give good results on low quality discs, so you need to buy also quality discs :slight_smile:

Yup, it’s an old NEC 1100A rebadge. Try updating your firmware to the latest (3.20) from here: