Playback problems aftern burning via NEC 3550A




I have nec 3550a, firmware 1.Y5
Using CMC MAG. AE1 (RiDisc 8x)

I have been burning my dvd’s at 8x, when i come to playing them on my standalone dvd player i get some bad audio problems, every now and again the audio will jus stop, the actual video playback is fine, the dvd doesnt stop jus get little audio drops that last about 1-2 seconds here and there. not a big problem but can be annoying!! any ideas how i can prevent this?

i dont run any programs or tasks while doing my dvds, only have necessary windows processes running.



One thing that you could try is better media. From what I’ve read here, not personal experience, is that the Ri* media hasn’t been performing very well lately.


Yup, sounds exactly like an media issue.


Thanks for that, will wait till i have finished the remainder of my ridisc as i still have about 20 left and then im gona order some verbatim or TY, i can hold of either for more or less same price, and let you know how they go, any suggestions on who i should go for?


Verbatim + TY are top notch.

But you could check the database on too.


This week (July 10 '06) OfficeMax has HP 16X 50 for $15, 100 for $28.
I’ve been using the HP 8X for a couple of months for data and movies, with no
problems other than my own errors in software settings. Have the 16X
but just haven’t opened them yet.