Playback Problem

I have made a few backups of my dvd’s. My dvd player (Sony) and others, have played back the movies fine. I use a couple of programs–dvdshrink,anydvd,dvdclone2 and recode. Sometimes I will just use a different program if one has trouble with a certain movie.
I have had the same problem over and over again with my mothers(Toshiba). If I just use dvdshrink and only take out other languages it will work fine. If I do any re-author or use an other program it will not work. The player will see it as a dvd, but will just show loading and will freeze up. You cant even turn it off without unplugging it. I have tried differnt media also. Tonight I read through the manual and it had a section saying that this player will not play any media that has been recorded from media that had copy protection on it. Is this something new? I dont see how it would know, or why it will still play when it is done with shrink. This isnt a big deal because mine will play it just fine, but it drives me insane. Anyone have any sort of problem like this or know what else to try? I read that shrink is kind of a dying program and want to find a way that works so she can read it.
I tried to burn copies of copies but cant get that to work on any program. Dont know why it wont work but just wanted to try it a couple of ways to see if a program set up a certain way will allow her player to work. Thanks for any help on this matter!!

Classic syptoms of bad media.

  1. Please name the brands of media you have tried.

  2. What speed are you burning at?

  3. What burner brand and model?


BTW: depending on what brand and model player you have and whether it has a backup battery, you may be dumping your settings in the player’s setup menu by unplugging the player. Then you may have to reset them all again.

Try just hitting the stop button several times on the player itself (not the remote) and waiting for a full minute for a shut down to break the freeze-up.

Again, depending on the player model’s fault tolerance, never hit the “open or eject” tray button during a freeze-up or the laser head may scrape along the ejecting disk and probably ruin the player.


Thanks for responding!!! tried-(dvd-r) memorex,sony,Verbatim (dvd+r)sony
2.I am burning @8x dvd-r / 8x-16x dvd+r
3.Burner–Sony dw22a

I have tried to unplug it and press stop and every other button on the thing. It will not shut down. I let them borrow a movie one week and the dvd was flashing loading for about 3 days till I told them to hit the power button!! :disagree: . You can usually get it to turn off if you hit the power button. I went into the menu and changed some settings around but made no difference.

Try this. Slow down your burn speeds. Burn 8X rated media blanks at 4X. Burn 16X rated media at 6X - 8X. Burned recordable media is simply not as readable as the original pressed DVD-ROM so you have to do your best to make a backup more compatible with many players. A slower burn is a more reliable burn for a broader range of “fussy” players (yours and others you may want to play them on in the future). And some players really are fussy!

Check you owners manual. Do your player’s specs say it can play +R? If not, stick to -R media. The Sony and Verbs are excellent -R media. But send your remaining Memorex to the insurgency in Iraq … maybe it will mess them up a little. :wink: Never buy Memorex again. Promise?

Qualification: Check your documentation for the Sony burner (it is probably a rebagged Lite-On burner… others here can tell you that): Does your burner booktype +R disks to DVD-ROM format? Was a utility bundled with the drive that allows default booktyping? If so, a booktyped +R burn is even more reliable than a -R burn for player compatibility. But SLOW DOWN the burn speed!

If your drive doesn’t booktype that’s ok. Just stick with -R. And consider buying another burner now or in the future that booktypes +R media. You might also consider buying a brand name other than Sony. Firstly as punishment for foisting the rootkit virus abomination on us and secondly because any company that would do that to it’s own user base is likely to dream up a trick (via firmware probably) to kink your movie backups at sometime in the future. Sony is, afterall, very big in the movie industry.

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Post back if slower burning fixes your player compatibility issue.

I will give it a try!! Thank you for the advice. I just dont get why it works fine with the whole movie in dvd shrink, but with re-author or another program it doesnt??? Who knows, but I will give it a shot.