Playback Problem for GSA-4160B




I have LG GSA-4160B (f/w:A303), I’m using 8x DVD+R (media code is Taiyo Yuden. I’m recording my video compilation using Nero Burning Rom However, I am quite dissapointed as all my discs cann’t playback well, it hanged. My DVD players are Pioneer DV-270, Philips DVP532K, LG DK7921P, Samsung DVD-E318.:eek:

Can anyone help me? :bow: :bow:


Please don’t double post!

I’m sure when somebody that has your drive and sees your first post they will reply.

BTW - Have you tried setting Book Type to DVD-Rom or doing a search?


4160 fw doesn’t support bitsetting…


Maybe that’s the problem then.

@T&J have you tried any good quality DVD-R discs?


Hi, Taroth. I am afraid ppl might not notice my post. Sorry:p

Well, my 4x DVD-R and 4x DVD+R are doing excellent with all the mentioned players…except Samsung. These are the media code for the DVD+/- R.

Is there anyway I can bitset my GSA-4160B? Thx.


Those are not very good media, I suggest you try a different brand. I can recommend Verbatim media as being excellent quality.