Playback pausing at chapter changes



I’m backing up a movie and have removed a few buttons etc. in DVDRemake. I’ve then put the result through DVDShrink and all goes well.
However, when I play the film back, at the beginning of every chapter it pauses for about a second and then carries on.
Any ideas folks?


Retest using DVD Shrink only.


Playback of the backup in PC or standalone?


Shrink only is OK but bitrate would be too low.
Playback is OK in PowerDVD but not on my Sony DVD Player.


If you are using a stand alone player ( good Luck) it seems even the same models act differently. IE: just burned a movie tested it in an older Toshiba and it worked fine, tried it in a newer Panasonic and it started to pixelate and stall towards the end. Did a scan of the movie and PI was avg 0.20. I have been banging my head with this question for years. There is better Media you can find by looking around the forum and make sure you booktype +R media to DVD-Rom for better compatibility in different players.