Playback on pc but not set-top player



I had a video service create a dvd of my home movie. I used RecordNow v7 to make an “exact copy” of the dvd onto a DVD +R disc. The new dvd plays fine in my pc, but is not recognized by either of my two set-top players. Should I be using an -R disc? I want to give the dvd to others with unknown players. Any help is appreciated? thanks


Did you use bitsetting? (It’s a way of fooling DVD players into thinking it’s a proffesional disk)

Second question, it is burnt as a DVD? With .vob and .ifo files (amongst others). It could have burnt as an AVI (i don’t know the software) in which case a lot of DVD players won’t recognise the file.

The format of the disk is important, R+ with bitsetting is suposed to be the most compatible, followed by R-, with R+ (without bitsetting) as a poor last. I burnt a load of DVDs on R- a while back, they worked on my players. I then bought some R+, without bitsetting they only worked on some DVD players, with it they’ve worked on every one i’ve tried.


There’s always the small chance that neither likes recordable media. Check em out at


Oh yeah, forgot about that :o


Thanks for your help.My DVD RW drive is a new SONY DVD RW DW-Q28A.

Yes, the newly burned dvd has a VIDEO_TS directory with .VOB .BUP and .IFO files
No, I did not use “bitsetting”, first I have heard of it. interesting. I suppose that is my next step. I read the Book Type cdfreaks article. So I assume that I need another piece of software to set the bits? I can’t find anything in RecordNow that does this, so do I need to scrap RecordNow and use something else that burns and will set the book type? I assume that I cannot set the bits after/before the dvd has been burned with RecordNow.

Can one buy DVD ROM blank discs?


use liteon’s booktype utility click here , you might wanna have a look at the manual


Thanks, I have downloaded liteons booktype135.exe and tried using it . I set “change booktype” to DVD-ROM. clicked on ‘change’ button, yet the query still says DVD +R for the ‘current disc type’ and ‘current disc booktype’. The ‘write now!’ button is always shaded out. The screen shots in the manual differ slightly from this v1.3.5. It doesn’t seem to be doing anything, though it does give the ‘disc not empty’ msg after clicking on the ‘change’ button.


I don’t think you can get DVD ROM disks that can be written to, i think they are actually stamped or some other wierd mass production technique. But however they do it there’s no way to record them at home.

The burner you have is a rebadged liteon one, the forum for all things related to it is here: for future reference. I don’t know what model it will be, but if you search the equivalent might be there somewhere.

The booktype utility should work with most/all burning programs, you just need to set it once and then all will be burnt with bitsetting on.


Thanks again to all. I think I have gotten it to work! I didn’t realize I had to burn the video before the book type would be set on the disc. The first burn received an error, however the second try worked ok, and it played in my set-top player!!! I now feel confident enough to send the dvd to friends/family to view.
Must I have the Booktype135 pgm always up and running before loading/running my burning software? Is Booktype talking to my RecordNow software? or is it setting something in memory that RecordNow uses?
Have already made four coasters, don’t want to experiment anymore. thanks


In the past when i used the Lite-on booksetting tool, it would set every disk to dvd-rom until i reboot my computer, and thats probably still the case now, so no you don’t have to have it running as you burn. Maybe you might want to try Nero, because with some burners the latest version sets the booktype to dvd-rom by default. I’d try the demo just to be sure before buying it.


I’m assuing you’re using high grade media, if you buy cheap stuff you’ll get skipping disks, a short lifespan and coasters, i’ve burnt 50+ verbatim and TY DVDR+ disks with my new burner and never had a coaster. I burnt 50 bulqpaq ones beforehand, half were coasters.