Playback on Kenwood CD-224M Jukebox

I just bought a Yamaha USB2.0 CD-RW and I’m running Nero with it I am writing Disc-at-once mode. When I burn Audio CD-s they CANNOT be played back on my Kenwood CD-224M Jukebox. These discs run just find on my Apartmentmate’s Sony CDP-C90ES 10 disk changer. I am finalizing and finshing the disk. Lead-ins and Lead-outs and all that Jazz.

Any Idea of what’s going on here folks?



see subject.

Are they CDRW disks ?
you reader might not be able to read those type of media ?
be it the brand name, or the the speed written.

try a slower writing speed, on a different brand CDR ?


Ok i have cdr from sony 40x and i have turn it into a lite on …
I tryed both firmwares 02 and 06 none of these could recognise the music cd in the drive … then i tryed isobuster nothing…The mark trick nothing…
At the end i find the solution …

I put the protected cd into my pionner dvd 106 at the beging i thought that the drive would explode:P

then i start the latest clone cd
for the fisrt minutes clone cd seems to stuck searcing the protection i eject the cd end i see that it have read the music tracks… i reinsert it try one more time and that it it pass on the next level… it read it with 900k abour 6x speed and it was ready in 12’.

I hope my experience helps a lot of people
The cd was made in croatia in 2001 by sony…