Playback on Home Theater DVD Player



Lately I am unable to playback some DVD’s. They burn just fine in DVDFAB and when played back at home they freeze up at some point during the movie. Usually in the first or second chapter. Sony DVD’s seem to have the most trouble although I am having trouble with some other ones as well. Please help


If the DVD play O.K. on your computer then reduce writing speed and take care of using quality media.


Will try this. Thanks


Now I am having problems with JARHEAD! It plys to the 9th chapter and then goes back to the main menu


What kind of media are you using? What speed are you burning? what is your burner and software to compress and burn? It’s hard to help if you don’t give us some info to work with. For the record, I backed up Jarhead no prob with AnyDVD/CloneDVD.


Many recent releases, esp. sony, are causing major problems for fab when copying in complete disc mode. Try main movie only. If this is successful, it’s probably application conflicts that’s causing your trouble.


Sony DVD-R, Went to the slowest speed at the suggestion of HUN, Using an aopen DUW1616/ARR Burner. I will try the main movie only and see waht happens.


AMD Athlon XP 2700
Maxtor 160 G 7200rpm
aopen DUW1616/ARR burner
Toshiba SD-R1512 DVD-ROM


This is the reason why it is not recommended to have one click copy. When a problem arises there are too many possible causes and one also wastes the material and needs to spend a lot of time to figure out. My suggestion is to copy to HD and test (fast forward, check language, skip all chapters, etc. In full disk mode test all menu features) If there is a problem it is about protection, might want to try main movie instead of full disk. But if playback is fine on HD and the copied DVD doesn’t play on standalone the problem is writing speed and/or bad media. I do not know this Jarhead movie but agrre with maineman, try main movie.


Everything plays fine on my computers dvd players. It will just not play correctly on my home theater player.


I think fengtao plans to put more features in 3.0, so hopefully we will be able to find more solutions. I remember he mentioned it in one of his posts, that it will be more flexible in editing options etc.