Playback of mp3s on dvd-r on panasonic dmr es 10


hi guys. :bigsmile:

does anyone know if it is possible to play back a dvd-r disc full of mp3s on the dmr es-10?

i tried before using an inexpensive tesco own brand dvd-r disc, burned on my pc, but the panasonic would not read the disc. the panasonic has no problem reading video that i’ve recorded on my pc, using the same tesco discs. :confused:

i’ve bought some panasonic dvd-r discs mij, ty, but don’t want to waste another disc if the panasonic will only play back cds. :doh:

apologies, i think i should have posted this in the pansonic hardware forum :doh: now i don’t know how to move this post!

No problem. I’ll move the thread for you!

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