Playback issues

I have a dell comp that came with a dvd burner. It seems every movie I burn using decrypter and shrink always has playback issues. I have made close to 60 dvds with 85% having this problem. Every movie I have made plays fine until close to the end then the picture and sound starts breaking up. I have tried different dvd brands and upgraded my ram to 768mbs and that hasnt helped any. I always turn off the screen saver and all nonessential programs. What can be causing these problems?

first you’ll have to see what kind of dvd burner came installed with that dell…second…usually that means that media is burned too fast…try slower or get better media…if u can find out what kind of burner that is we can find better media to use with that drive

Its an nec nd2100ad and right now I am using ativa dvds but have tried several different brands and have the same problem. I am also burning it with decrpter on the slowest setting.

Every time I have had this problem it was cheap brand media I have never heard of the brand you are using and since you did not say what other brands I cannot give any input on them. try Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim made in japan and see if that will fix your problem.

Just from a few I have a sitting here at my desk, office depot brand, ativa(from office depot) and phillips.

That could be your problem If they are 8x dvds then burn them at 6x and see if that helps but I for one would go to some place like supermediastore and order taiyo yuden .

do not burn them to low as that can also cause problems.

Also found some memorex.

stick with sony,verbatim etc…better quality…and burn at a slower speed as mentioned…should help

Thanks alot for the help. I changed the speed to 6x and will pick up one of the above mentioned disc and see how that works.

never memorex you do not know what company made them and also never sony why would you want to support the company that is causing the most problems with backing up your dvd and or cds. If it has sony on it I say no thanks.

I´m getting far better burns at the moment with my LiteOn than my NEC
Just a comment…the quality of media seems secondary. I burned Verbatims made in Taiwan, and Sony made in India…both were more successful on the Litey…
This is not a definitive test, but maybe helpful.

I’m using Nero version 7. I looked for a way to slow down the recording speed as suggested but can’t find a manual setting to do it.