Playback issues with overburned/compressed DVDs (Nero/DVD Shrink)

I have a DVD that’s 4485 mb that I have been trying to burn, but nothing works!

So…I tried overburning with Nero Burning Rom - didn’t work.
I tried DVD Shrink, using automatic compress to 99.5% - nope.
I’ve tried several times and used DVD+RWs to make sure they burn, and they burn perfectly fine, but then when I burn to Rs and put them in my DVD player, the picture is horribly messed up (sound is fine, though). It’s black and white and looks similiar to bad tracking on VHS. Lord knows how many discs I’ve used trying to burn this thing. There’s gotta be a way to get this to work…doesn’t there??? :confused:

Please help me, CD Freaks. :frowning:

Use DVDShrink, and try a different brand of dvd, and use the automatic setting with shrink. There shouldn’t be any problems with the little bit of compression you are using. Make sure you are burning the media at or just below it’s rated speed (IE: If it’s 16x media, burn it at 12x).