Playback Issues with bluray rips

So I have a file server with my movies on it that streams too 2 media centers in the house. One media center is 2005 the other Vista.

I used to be able to stream my blurays ISO to both machines using Power DVD 8 ultra & daemon Tools to mount it.

However as of last week the Vista machine can no longer read mounted blurays.

I thought it was a Powerdvd problem but I downloaded the trail of TMT3 and It will not play them either. The weird part is that the XP Media Center is just fine it reads all of them.

I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure this out.

I have removed any recent Windows updates, removed powerdvd and re-installed it. Tried 2 other bluray players TMT3 & Windvd 9 plus BR…

Are the rips I create having issues due to something anydvd hd is doing when ripping them?

Or do I need to just smash the Vista machine and throw it through microsfts window and then :a

Oh yeah I tried re ripping them with the newest version and I got the same results…


Try re-rip again using “Rip Video DVD to Harddisk”, then open the folder with TMT3.

This will eliminate the use of mounting software to see if that is the problem.

I’m not re ripping 30 + movies that used to work on that machine.
Thats like 30 + hrs of ripping time.

Really I’m asking is why did they use to work and there not now…
Has any one else run into this with vista?
Is it some update that I’m unaware of?

The error message reads “disc not supported”

Like I said the files all work on the XP Media Center just fine.


Maybe you could try and uninstall daemon Tools and use the virtual drive software provided by Slysoft. It’s a free program. I’ve heard that daemon Tools can cause problems with ripping BR discs among other things. Worth a shot.

Then try re-rip 1 movie first.

Thanks guys for the suggestions!!!

“too hip” :bow: You were right it was Daemon Tools.

Unfortunately I have to use Daemon tools.

I use a front end database software called “My Movies” that integrates it’s self to Media Center that uses Daemon tools to mount the ISO when I click on the title I want to watch. It’s great software for big collections movies.

It’s kind of weird how it was working and then boom it stopped.
I’m not aware of any changes that would have occurred in daemon tools but I downloaded the new version anyway that now emulates a bluray drive and everything works great. :clap:

Well if you ever have problems again it looks like you can use VCD for My Movies.

When i switched to VCD my BR’s seemed to rip faster. Something about the DT drivers messing up AnyDVD.

SPTD driver causes Anydvd to rip slowly. Remove it and your speed will go up.