"PlayBack" Issues with B7U9?

I have notices that when using the new B7U9 Firmware for the DW1620Pro that I have “glitches” when I playback DVD Movie on three different standalone DVD players.

Thes “glitches” did not exit on B7P9, B7T9, or 47L9…

Anyone else notice this ???

P.S. Media uses +Rs either MCC004 or T02

Yes me 2. Went back to B7P9. With B7U9 I also have those glitches.

do you guys see any rings on the underside of your burns not seen on other firmware???

No. Haven’t seen any rings. Not with P9, T9 or U9.

Haven’t been looking for “rings”. Will check later and let you know what I have discovered. Went back to 47L9 and every disc is perfect !!!

No, I don’t have any rings that I can see on B7U9 burns…


No rings, no skipping and no glitches here on U9.

Nothing wrong with the BenQ, period… in this regard at least. Mine works absolutely marvelously - I’d chalk it to potentially dust on the discs or a bad batch of media maybe? I got that occasionally with my NEC ND2500AG back in the day but they were also a not-so-hot batch of Ritek-G04’s so I blame it on the media since the drive never did that very often unless the media was junk.

I know my mcc003 on 2 different benq give a ring on the outer disc…not sure how t odescribe…just faint dye ring…but these were cheap teon mcc003…

with U9 on Sony branded ty02 batch 01133…I get faint dye ring at 16x on inner portion…at 12x I see it a dye ring on outer portion

Very strange…I may flash my benq iin ext enclosure and install it in my desktop to see if U9 causes and issue on it…I guess it could be my system…very weird…interestingly…the rings do not seem to affect disc scan quality at all…I just worry for longevity…playback seems ok

No rings or skipping observed so far on B7U9 even for those discs burnt with WOPC deactivated, using Fujifilm 8x (T02) media on a cheapo Terapin DVD3800 player.

BTW the rings look differnt than speed I see when using my older cdrw…literally there appears to be fainter dye…which creates the ring…
I did not see with T9 on my new TY02 batch 01149 from BB after burning a 16x movie.iso(I got to replace my bad spindle of 01158)…I will burn one at 12x to see if I get any rings …may purely be my media batches and the varying quality

Nealh, have you ever checked if those bad media showed rings even before burning? Just a thought…

The bad media are TY02 that only seem to have rings with U9 fw…P9/T9 do not at 16x create any rings…yes I have looked at the unburnt disc…looks fine no rings or defect visible

the ty02 were sony branded sold by staples 01133 0408…I recently got a real bad batch at BB fuji ty02 01158…these(only burned 4 before I returned them for exchange) would not burn fully on any firmware and gave uncharacterisitc high errors…these had some funny “pits” on very edge of the discs…

As I said the single ty02 from Fuji 01149 burned 16x with no rings…looked very good…scan was 92…it had single spike at the end (13 or so)…number of PIE was around 25000 and PIF was 860…typical for 16x TY02 burn with my benq and systems

I am going to try a 12x burn and see how I do