Playback From Camcorder



Hi -
I am a silver-surfer but need the help of you younger whiz-kids.

I have installed Phillips DVDR3430V DVD RECORDER/VCR and all features work including freebox linkages but I have one problem.

I can’t playback directly from CANON camcorder to TV. With the TV set for dvd or video and the camcorder in active playback mode the camcorder playback pictures flash briefly on tv screen only. How do I correct the tuning?

Thank you



I don’t know what kind of outputs your camera has got but the usual is to have a composite cable with 3 plugs ( Y-R-W) and I suppose this is the one you’re using.
You have to check all the auxiliar inputs to yout TV (that depends on the brand) not just the DVD or video. You may be able to use the handset buttons (the usual is one with a screen rectangle with an incoming arrow that selects them all via each time you push).


hi thanks
my TV is also Phillips so should be compatable - handset only has screen with outgoing arrow. Camera correct colour leads to recorder.