Playback freezes

I’ve recently got a NEC 3500AG and am still pretty new to DVD burning. My problem is that some of my DVD’s freeze during the first 10 minutes of playing. I tried them in a PS2, XBOX, my friends standalone DVD player (don’t know what brand,) his computer, and my computer and always get the same results and freeze in the same place. I’m burning them converting from AVI right to DVD using NeroVision Express. I have figured out a somewhat fix for it. It only happens when I write the image to my hard drive, then burn it. If I transcode it and burn it on-the-fly it works fine. I’ll continue to use this method but I would like to know if there’s a fix for it and why it’s doing this. I’m using 8x Taiyo Yuden DVD+R (burned at 16x.) BTW, I have the Liggy and Dee version 2 beta 3 firmware.

have you tried slowing down burn speed?

Burning 8x rated media at 8x rather than at 16x would probably be a good way to start.

Upgrade to the latest Liggy & Dee’s firmware. I found beta 4 much improved over previous versions although I have 6 installed now I haven’t really used it yet to be a judge how much of an improvement it is over 4.

Next thing I’d suggest is what the others have said and burning at 8x. If that works then try 12x. The scans I got from burning Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R media at 16x was sketchy towards the end of the burn although it did produce perfectly playable results.

The next question I’d have to ask is you say it’s TY media. Where did you buy the media? Is it actually Taiyo Yuden branded or just using the TY media code? Too many fakes out there and I’m just trying to make sure you don’t have some of the fake media.

Use 2X burn speed, and for movies, use -R blanks. -R is much more compatible with stereo DVD players. I found Maxell -R, 4X, a bright yellow DVD is the best. The 8X, -R(made n Central America, and a dull gold color) X are not as good as the Maxell -R, 4X(Japan).I have tried all kinds. Also good are Verbatim -R, 4X in the new 10 pack. All other Verbatim are not very good.
For data, most +R are quite good, and highest speed works fine. but avoid Mitsumi, +/- R.
TY CD blanks are very good, but I do not know anyone who has had good luck with TY DVD blanks for movies.
Overall there are many inferior brands of DVD blanks…especially house brands.