Playback dvd skips back to beginning

Hello All,

Happy Holidays.

when i playback on stand alone dvd player at some point during playback the movie goes back to the beginning. but when i playback on the drive that i burned it from it is ok. i am burning at 4x to min. errors.

burner: NEC DVD_RW ND-3550A, FIRMWARE: 1.06
disc: hp dvd+r 8x
stand alone player: sony
programs: dvd shrink & dvd decrypter (to burn).

i upload an image of cdspeed. this one skips back to the beginning somewhere toward the end of the dvd.

Thanks in advance.


hey… I have the same DVD burner as you! :slight_smile:

maybe need to update driver? My driver is 5.1.2535.0

or use DVD-R since most dvd players can play DVD-R and not DVD+R media

use media from Sony, Verbatim, Memorex or a brand you know

also for copy movies use DVDFab Platinum it’s the best software i know! :slight_smile: