Playback DVD on Liteon LVW 5005

I am lost with this unit, I can play any DVD that I made or rented but am completely lost with this movie Lord of War, I can play it on my other DVD players but on this liteon lvw 5005 it will not play even the original it goes to the selection ane when I select play main movie it stops. does anyone have any ideas on this. Thanks in advance…drummond

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I have seen a similar issue happen before with the DVD “Freddie Mercury tribute concert - 10 Anniversary Edition”, although in my case it was in a PC, where the movie would automatically stop once I try playing from the main menu. However, in my case, it seemed to be region-code related, since when I tried it in my other region-locked drive, it had no problem playing.

Just in case it is a region related issue, especially since many DVDs come with RPC-Enhanced protection, go into the region selection menu by going into the setup menu, navigate down to ‘Exit’ and key in 2, 9, 6, 0. On the hidden region selection menu that appears, select the region number of the DVD (see the DVD’s case as the region number is listed in a globe symbol). If this does not work, it could possibly be an anti-piracy feature that may be on the disc that the Lite-On is not compatible with. As a last resort, it may be worth updating the firmware if you have not updated it in a while or are not using an unofficial version. :wink:

Thank you for the reply Seán Its the only one I have that wont play, so i will watch it on my other DVD player as I dont want to mess with this liteon I use it to convert my VHS collection and some recording. Thanks again…drummond