Playback and transcoding/burning software suggestions


I continously receive various files in the following formats:

-Movie File (mpeg)
-MPEG Video
-Video Clip
-Windows Media Audio/Video File

Is there one player which is good to play all these files, if not, which players do you recommend to play these files.

Also, I need to keep converting these files into VCD. (I have a CD Burner, not a DVD Burner). I use Nero Vision Express 3SE (I got it with my CD Burner) to make the VCD’s.

Is there a better/lighter software to make these VCDs?

Is there a good software to convert all these different video files to VCD format? or should I just do it using Nero?


Start Here: and see if that helps. There is also alot of good info at

Thanks for your reply

Any suggestion on a good player(s) to view these files?


I have alot of video editing software that will play all the files I work with, but I found this at videohelp, and it rates well. I have no experience with it though. Good Luck,