Play wma protected files

I need to play my wma protected files, but WMP is not letting me do it because I have my music on an external hard drive and it seems that I have played some files in more PC than supported.

Does any one know how to unprotect these files so I can listen to htem from my external hard drive? Software, tricks.

I do not have the laptop where the original licenses are because some did steal it from me. Now I only have the files in my external hard drive, and the original cds, but I don´t want to go through the whole process of copying the music again. Any good ideas?

Feel free to answer me to

Thank you.

If you can’t play them, then you can’t remove the DRM. Your only choice at this point is to re-rip. When you rip them this time, you might consider unchecking the “protection” option in Windows Media Player, if that’s what you’re using and you prefer keeping the WMA format.