Play video in TV and work in Monitor

heloo guys !

thanks to all for this great comunity. i have a question if somebody knows about it. i want to play a movie in my computer and to watch in TV. now i can watch my movie this way but i can’t use my monitor for anything else.i hooked up via DVI and S Video to my TV. is there anyway that i can watch movie in TV but in monitor i can use my computer, meanwhile the movie will play on TV. i am using Geoforce 6200 512mb card on Pentium 4 processor 3 GH.

thanks guys for your help.

Both, your movie and other computer work use the same processor to work, so if you want to watch a jerky motion on your TV, than you can try.

[QUOTE=CDuncle;2117984]Both, your movie and other computer work use the same processor to work, so if you want to watch a jerky motion on your TV, than you can try.[/QUOTE]

For your information i can still able to watch movies on TV while i am converting avi to DVD and some downloading also… so i think my processor can handle it. i just want to know if there is anyway to watch movie in TV and the other things i can control on Monitor.

You answered your own question, but I do not know what else you want to control.

my friend you never understand my question. i want someway like i will play any movie so it will display on my TV and i can do other things on my monitor and it will not disturbe movie display. it will not show other things on TV else Movie and i can use montir for other programms.

OK, I got you.
Try this, if you did not try it already.

man i know this all. the problme is my display card is GeForce 6200 TC 256 mb and its showing in nView display mode “single Display” is any setting i am doing wrond to show it double display.

If you go into Start-Settings-Control Panel-Display-Settings.
The card should show if it is capable of dual monitor display, it will show two screens in the window, if not, than you are stuck or get second card, like Wikipedia say.

Actually under control panel, you should have an nvidia control panel icon. The 6200’s support dual display and seem to support tv’s though there may be some models from some manufactures that do not. Here is the manual for the control panel.

Once you get the tv and monitor setup, look into the “full screen video mirror” options. I’m not that familiar with nvidia cards but it seems to have similar capabilities to ati’s theater mode. With ati’s theater mode, whatever video is playing will automatically be sent full screen to the tv. It has to be playing on the monitor also, but can be minimized, behind other windows etc. so you can work with your computer. If no video is playing, whatever is on your monitor (desktop, windows etc.) will be shown on the tv. There’s one catch with ati cards at least. Any playing video can take over the tv signal (video playing on a web page, a video preview box on a video conversion or editing program etc. even if it is not the front window and or minimized). I have found that If I leave a player open (even if it isn’t actively playing anything), it will lock the tv onto its video so you can have other video going and still be able to play video.

thanks ripit for your suggestions. can you tell me any ati’s theater mode card name. i have an AGP slot. i exactally want this card which you describe above on which i can watch my movie on tv and can work on computer. this GeForce 6200 i think is not compatible for that thing. thanks for your help

ATI’s Theater Mode is a display mode used for multi-monitor environments so that the hardware overlay can be displayed full screen on one monitor/display [meaning: your video would be full screen on the TV], while you are able to use the other monitor as normal. It is a feature of all ATI cards that support multiple monitor output, as far as i know, at least from the Radeon 8500 days. It’s not locked to a specific ATI card.

Your GeForce might actually be able to do 2 screens at once in a slightly different way, where you would manually have to move the video player [whatever it is] to your TV and maximize it to full screen. You may have to play around with the settings in the nVidia control panel, if your particular card supports it.

What Video card do you have? If you go to settings, advanced, you should see two screens, 1 and 2. You can set them to display whatever you want. I use ATI cards and the control center enables complete set up to do whatever you wish.

thanks guys i got my solution i just buy one new card 6200 TurboForce and it has all the options that i want. i think this card 6200 TC do not have support for the dual mode. anyways thanks to you all. keep sharing your knowledge. :slight_smile:

Every ati card I have owned has had these options ranging from am 8500 to a pci 9250 to a 2600xt.