Play video after copying to HD

A real newbie question this.

I have a video with the associated .bup .ifo and .vob files, copied to a directory on my (Windows XP) hard disk.
How can I play these files. I launch say PowerDVD but I have no way in that program of say doing file, open.
If I insert the CD the video plays fine…


if PowerDVD fails, then get some other software, that is better. I strongly recommend VLC ( for that.


A normal dvd has the format of two directories (AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS). Inside those directories are the files to play. For dvd movies you will find .IFO files and .VOB files.

If you tell powerdvd to playback a certain directory or .VOB file it will play the dvd files for you. Select the HD as the source.


It doesn’t fail as such it just seems to want to auto play inserted CD’s or DVD’s.
I can’t see how you can open files that are on your HD.
I will try Videolan, thanks…

Mr Belvedere,

That’s just the problem. PowerDVD doesn’t seem to have anywhere where you can say Open the file.
I have tried Windows Explorer, selecting say the .vob file and say Open With…


I found this on their website:

How do I playback DVD files from my hard disk and what are the limitations?

Please note the following points :

(1) You can only open “VIDEO_TS.IFO” (For DVD Video Format) or “VR_MANGR.IFO” (For DVD Video Recording Format) to play the file set.

(2) DVD Auto-Resume function will be unavailable.

(3) Bookmarks may be set during initial playback but will not be available for recall when playing the file set again.

Maybe time to try different software ?

Drag and drop the main IFO file into powerdvd.


Tried that, just get the (Circle with line through) No entry sign…


Installed VLC Media Player thanks Michael for the tip.

Just do File, Open Directory - much better. :smiley:

better try videolan then, that product is awesome in playing and transcoding.

better try videolan then, that product is awesome in playing and transcoding.

:bow: :bow: :bigsmile:

L. Melch,
VLC is a good software, but if you want to get PowerDVD to play your ifo, vobs…just right click on any ifo or vob, then ‘open with’ option, choose the PowerDVD from the list, and also check the box to ‘always open those files with that program’, and you will be able to double-click any ifos after that point and it will automatically open in PowerDVD from then on.


You would think so wouldn’t you ? I tried that all I get is the attached screen. - ah and there is nothing in settings that allows playing from a folder, file etc…
Anyway now I can just right click and select Play and VLC does the job.
Don’t you just love great software - and great techie forums.

Thanks guys…

What sucks is that either you paid for PowerDVD or it came as a bundle with your PC, P-DVD should ‘atleast’ cooperate!! :bigsmile:

Anyways, VLC seems to be your choice, so enjoy… :slight_smile:

Hey what makes you think the software should do what it’s told ! That would be a first… :bigsmile: Yep came with the PC…

What scares me about software is we trust it so much take say the Airbus ! :eek: Oh yes seven backup systems…

I can see it now “Ladies and Gentlemen this is your Captain speaking… is there a Java programmer on board ??”… :rolleyes: :bigsmile: