Play Station Portable launches in Europe with games & movies

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 Until  now, the only Play Station Portable's within Europe where players that were  imported from Japan or the US and to date, over 5 million PSP's were sold  worldwide.  Now that Sony has...
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Ok here’s the deal. The European PSP’s come with firmware 1.52. They give you a disc to update to 2.0 DO NOT UPDATE TO 2.00 if you want to play homebrew games and emulators etc. There is a downgrade that will be available shortly after launch that will allow you to flash back to 1.5 that allows homebrew. Again, do not update!!! Some games will require a certain firmware but there is a few tricks you can use to launch the games without updating. DON"T UPDATE!

Got mine today :g Lovey bit of kit! I have flashed mine 2.0 'cos im not bothered about homebrew stuff. \VH//// :B