Play some pong!

I got 13965 points (level 5) on first try.
A classic in a new version :slight_smile:
I can score much higher, but I must sleep now (exam tomorrow) so here’s a present to all you aussies who comes online soon and I should really stop babbeling and give you the URL and go to sleep but I don’t think I can do that since I am in trance with this typing thing…
Ah, the trance loosened.

Well, here’s the game:

23525 with level 7 as the end.

First i thought this was a fucking boring pong game , but those super curve bonuses and effects are fantastic.

Not quite Mr. B level; 21710 points on level 7

18725 on level 7

  1. died on level 8 :a I cant stop playing! someone help!

27,920. Level 8 is soooo hard…

35,640! level 9. Is it me or does the little shield thing that you hit the ball with lag sometimes? I am getting cases where it just freezes and i cant move it. So I watch the ball go straight through :frowning:

20560 level 7 first try, must play more…

21,000 even on Level 7. Interesting little thing.

i can’t get past level 8. I only got there once and missed it on the first serve. 23,000 or around that is my best.