Play problems, Goodmans GDVD134

We have a Goodman’s GDVD134 and it works fine. However, we have just bought a LiteOn 5006 DVD recorder and some Verbatim DVD+RW disks.

We record and playback using the LiteOn just fine but we have trouble when trying to play back a LiteOn-recorded disk [UK TV programmes] on the Goodman player.

At best, the Goodman plays the disk once only. If we eject that disk, reinsert it (or a different disk) we get no playback and the message “no disk” appears on the TV screen.

If we unplug the Goodman’s and leave it switched off for about an hour we are back to square one. The home-recorded disk plays once and then nothing.

Commercial DVDs play fine.

If anyone has any thoughts on why this should be, and how to fix it, all suggestions will be most greatly appreciated by this frustrated family.

I am assuming that the Goodmans is a settop player and it sounds like the liteon is also a settop(standalone) DVD recorder/Player. Download one of the media reading software. I like diskinfo but there are several. See what the book type is on the Original movie DVD and see what the book type is on the dvd that you recorded. It maybe that if the Goldman is over a couple of years old that you may need to replace it for compatibility issues. What brand and type media are you using to record??(ex: Sony DVD-R 4x) Also if the Liteon closes the recorded DVD as a multisession where you can add more data at a later time, which it probably does. Alot of different dvd players have a very hard time with this format and generally they can only be played on the DVD that they were recorded on. Does the liteon have any type of user controls to finalize the disc when its full?? Should tell you in owners manual. Hope this gives you a few areas to think about

Thanks for the suggestions but nothing seems to help. I’ve written to Goodmans directly (their phone helpline is a joke) and asked for their comments. No reply received as yet.

From what I can find out I think the problem is the laser in the Goodman’s machine and its ability to read the signal reflected from the disk. I guess the Goodman’s machine is classed as a “budget model” primarily designed to read commercially produced discs that reflect just about 100% of the signal. Home produced recordings will not reflect nearly as well even on good quality disks like Verbatim.

I think I’m either going to have to live with it or replace the Goodmans with another machine containing a higher quality laser unit.

Unless, of course, anybody out there knows differently…