Play multisession audio cd in Mac OS X

Hi every one!

I’m sure this question is answer some where, however I don’t seem to be able to find it in the forums or anywhere else on the web so I thought I’d try and ask it here.

I resently bought an audio CD. However, when I put it in my mac with Mac OS X, I only see a data disc with some .exe files and pdf files in some strange language. I dont know if my os just fails to see the session/partition that contains the audio or if it’s some kind of copy protection.

Unfortunately I don’t own any other cd-player so I can’t test if it works at all.

I’m not primary interested in copying the cd, just being able to play my own legaly purcased cd. However, ripping it would be a last way work around if thats possible.

Any ideas?

Any help would be apreciated!


Any one? Any ideas? Or tips on places where to find this kind of info? I have writen to the online stor where I bought the CD but I guess they’ll just say I’ll have to buy windows or an ordinary CD-player. I will return the “broken” CD if no solution is find, but I realy don’t whant to do that since I’m quite hopefull that there are a lot of good tunes on it.

The CD is named Acid Dreams and is a collection of garage psyche from the 60’s. The label seem to be Past & Present and it’s printed 2009 with the tag paprcd2094.

Any help would be deeply apreciated!

Ps. Sorry for the bad language, not an english native!

Update: didn’t comment on my problem, just told me to try another CD-player… :a So… after some doubt I tried the disc in my job computer witch runs Windo$ and not very suprisingly it started some software and asked me to install it (not very keen to do that on my job computer).

However, the software is called StormWare and the label of the data-disc is pohoda 9100. Any clues?

Sorry for being so intense :slight_smile:

With just a bit of googling this turned up:

You can try using VLC,, to try and read the audio, but no guarantees.

Ok, thanx alot, I’ll look more into that link! All I found about this stormware thing when I googled seemed to be in Czech or something, guess I’m not as skilled as you :wink:

Yea, I did try VLC and it seemed to find an audiotrack, however, it was just scrambled nois…

(have to pay the bill in two days, thats why I’m so eager, guess I’ll just have to calm down and do some reading and RTFM as usual :slight_smile: ) Thanx again!

[QUOTE=Whappo;2273533]With just a bit of googling this turned up:

You can try using VLC,, to try and read the audio, but no guarantees.[/QUOTE]

Ok, guys, sorry for bathering you! It seems like the problem is solved. It seems lika the content on the disc actually is the economics program Pohoda from Stormware. No idea how it got there and I was not open enough to consider the possibillity that a purchased audio CD would contain an Czech economics program. However, I have written to the online store explaining the thing and it is yet to see if they’ll just follow their usual routines an just send me a new one within a month or so wich, since this probably isn’t an isolated occurence, will have the same content. :wink:

If I’d had an ordinary CD-player, never heard of copy protection and wouldn’t have been so afraid of trying Czech .exe-files on my job-computer, I would probably have solved the probleme much faster.

Hope someone who experience the same probleme and google on it will find this thread an not spend as much time on it as I have! :wink: