Play MP3 files on DVD/VHS player


Newbie Archie_2 here. First a little backround. I downloaded Audacity to convert old cassette tape lectures to CD. This works great, but now a new problem is this. The lectures are all over 80 min. each, too big for a CD so I made one of them into MP3 file using Audacity and a Legacy plug-in?

Also burned the A side of the lecture on to CD as a WAV file, that plays great. I have about 150 lectures on cassette that comes out to 300 CD’s.

Next I down loaded other lectures and burned MP3’s onto a CD I can see them on the TV display screen but they won’t play. Is this because the lecturers in MP3’s are over an hour long, that seems to make sense as to why it doesn’t work. Tried to burn a DVD-RW to up the time to 2 hours but the player doesn’t recognize that format. Is what I want to accomplish possible at all, if so how? Thanks!

Next I down loaded other lectures and burned MP3’s onto a CD I can see them on the TV display screen but they won’t play.

What is you are using? Does it play mp3?

Mp3’s are DATA files they have to running time constraints. Mp3 @128 kb/s would probably be about 12 hrs./CD, for a lecture 96 kb/s should be more than enough and would allow about 16 hrs. per CD.

Tried to burn a DVD-RW to[B] up the time to 2 hours [/B]

My DVD player can only handle mp3’s on CDs. An mp3 @ 96kb/s would only be about 80MB for 2 hours.

My standalone DVD units will only play mp3’s on CD also & one older one won’t even do that.
There were a few standalone DVD units that did play mp3 from DVD.A friend of mine has a couple.Both are cheap made in China units.I think the RIAA has done everything they can to stop this feature from being available.
Car DVD players (at least some will play this type of disc).
The CD with mp3’s has to be burned as a Data CD.If burned as an Audio CD then something will convert the mp3’s to .wav files in the process.These will show on the CD as .cda .
To make a comparison you will only be able to burn about the same amount of time as a commercial Music CD has on it.
If you burn as an Audio CD.
I agree with MysticEyes on the bit rate for a lecture 96 kb/s.Burn as a Data CD.That should give 16 hours on a 700MB CD.

Thank you so much for your reponse.

First the, MP3 player is a Sylvania DVD/VCR that plays DVD’s, VHS CD-R, CD-RW and MP3’s. The Burn device is an HP dvd1040 Lightscribe and the accompaning Software is Nero 7 Essentials Version 7.10.1.

Next, the Lectures were downloaded from a website and recorded in Real Player. The saved MP3 file was then burned to a CD-R which became a coaster(s) a few times.

I noticed these bit rates were all mostly 16Kb/s not the 128 or 96Kb/s you mentioned. I made the bit rate adjustment by importing the MP3 files into Audacity and then re-exported them as MP3 files, they came out at 128Kb/s, burned them on a CD-R (multiple session) . Not sure at all how to set the bit rate for 96Kb/s. But, These MP3’s now work great on the DVD/VCR!

If I want these lectures to play on the Car/CD I need to make them WAV files
I spent a lot of time on this last nite and made some changes that worked, thanks to you.

Some car CD players will play mp3’s on a CD-R recorded as a data CD-R.
Most of the time the manual is not much help.So test one to see if it will play on you car CD.
Even at 128 kb/s you should have been able to get about 12 hours of lecture on a disc.
One thing since the mp3’s you started with were 16 kb/s that is still the quality you have with 128 kb/s.If you could use 16 kb/s for the conversion you could put a lot of hours on a CD-R.I didn’t calculate how many.
I’ve never worked with any that low.
Audacity does have a setting that low for mp3’s.
Look in Edit/Preferences/File formats mp3 export setup bit rate there is a pulldown there.

Using Nero, convert your 16 kb/s MP3 files to WAV. Burn the WAV tracks to CD

or, try Burrrn: this automatically converts the MP3 files to WAV and burns them at the same time.

Secondly…are you using good quality media such as Taio Yuden or Verbatim? Burn speed should probably be around 16x.